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"I prefer the sassy version"

Erin Kinsey
Owner // Planner // Lead Coordinator

I’ll be honest with you all - being a wedding planner and event manager was not always in the stars for me. I'm a Registered Nurse by trade - working for over 5 years now in the Emergency Department. I am trained to handle people's worst days with accuracy and efficiency. I help lead my team through stressful and taxing moments, and ​I need to have precise communication so that no details are missed.

Now, imagine all of these qualities taking shape in your event manager. I have fallen in love with being there for my client's best day of their lives. We're going to have the most beautiful time ever together, I promise!

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"my coordination game is on point"

Karen Kudro
Lead Coordinator

Karen joined Rockfish Valley Events by Design in early 2020 and has been killing the game since then. As a experienced mom - she easily deals with any hiccups or unruly guests that dare to try and upset your day. Oh, she also has experience in the hotel wedding industry. I always think wrangling a couple of strong-willed children on a daily basis qualifies her for this position more though. 

Read through our reviews, and you'll find Karen's name plastered everywhere. Our clients love working with her level-headed, rational and calming demeanor. She fills in any gaps that I leave behind, and that's why we make a great team.

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"I'm really too young to be watching this"

Haley McClelland
Assistant Coordinator

Fast forward to 2021 - we've taken on more weddings than we ever imagined and we need some help! Enter Haley - our precious assistant-now lead coordinator. She will be graduating in Dec 2023 from JMU with a hospitality degree. We have truly enjoyed watching Haley blossom into a strong lead and define where she wants to grow in the industry. Our Showalter's expert - she will likely be guiding you through your big day if you book in the Shen Valley with us!

Haley is now stuck with us for the next few years - and I think she's learning a lot. She's at least learning that just because you're a grandma, doesn't mean you can't break it down on the dance floor! We had to initiate her somehow ... 

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Any team pictures on our website with these beautiful skirts are credited to Amanda Shrader Photography. Please go check out her inspiring movement at the link below. A fellow lady boss who is making big moves within the industry, while empowering other bad ass females to do the same. Thank you Amanda!

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